From Humble Beginings

“Dolce Napoli” is a start-up company aimed at a passionate and gastronomic public who are attentive about the quality of the ingredients and the unique artisan production that is partnered with modern cake design techniques, so “nice and tasty”.

The company’ss aim is to captivate the English market, benefiting from the experience of the owner and his staff in the confectionary market. These Neopolitan pastry chefs and bakers offer a product that is faithful to the old and traditional recipes of Neopolitan confectionary, that doesn’t fear competition in Britain.

The bakery will offer freshly baked products, at any time of the day, satisfying the orders that we will receive through our simple and efficient website. Deliveries will occur within 24 hours to preserve the freshness and quality of the products.


Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers, with locally sourced produce.


Our Love for Food

Dolce Napoli was born from the passion and love for authentic home made Italian products.

Created and cured in every detail by italian people who hold a strong friendship, Dolce Napoli combines the old Neapolitan food traditions and art of baking with only fresh and organic products to guarantee exquisite taste and meet the customers expectations.

“Dolce Napoli” will offer a vast selection of products tied to the Neopolitan traditions (Baba, Caprese, Tiramisu, delizia al limone, Riccota e pera, Roccoco’, Zeppole, Bignè, Gatto, Parigina, Graffe, etc.).

Of course we will not let you miss out on our precious bakery during the Easter and Christmas holidays with our Pandoro, Pastiera and our artiginal handmade Easter Eggs.

The company also caters for the English market, offering the most famous and traditional sweets known, such as Cupcakes, Red Velvet, Chocolate Fudge and much more.